Glynn & Jan Williams

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      Glynn & Jan Williams (on the left)

                                                   Two short testimonies of God's protection

Glyn & Jan Williams live in Higher Bebington in the Wirral, not far from where I live. I have known them for about 28 years and have also worked with Jan for a number of years. 

About 20 years ago Glyn & Jan went shopping in New Ferry on a Saturday morning. As Glyn went into a DIY shop, Jan, wishing to cross over to the other side of the road went to the Zebra Crossing and having checked that both sides were clear, proceeded to cross over. As she got part way across something really extraordinary happened which she cannot explain. In a split second of time she found herself about 100 yards further down the road on the opposite side by the Post Office. She was standing in the recess in the road where the buses pull in and found herself looking at the radiator grill of a Crosville bus. The driver was sitting in the bus with his face completely expressionless as though nothing had happened. A lady who was passing by then said to her "you were lucky" with no further remark and then moved on. Nobody else made any comment. The other puzzling thing was that there hadn't been any shrieking of brakes or any form of commotion. When she asked Glyn afterwards, who had been further down the road, if he had heard anything, he said that he hadn't done.

To this day Jan cannot understand what had happened, but she does feel that in some way that God's hand of protection was upon her that day.

On another occasion Jan was having a time of prayer at home when she suddenly had a vision of Glyn being involved in a serious accident on the Clatterbridge Roundabout, off the M53 Motorway. She had a great fear that he had been killed in the accident that she saw in her vision and she cried out to God to undertake for him that day. When he came home later that day she was very relieved to see that he was okay, but was somewhat puzzled as to the fact that he hadn't been involved in any incident on the way home, so she didn't mention to him what had happened. About 6 months later Glyn came home one day, very shaken and said to Jan when he came into the house, "you will never guess what happened to me on the way home". She told him that she knew exactly what had happened and that God had shown her about it 6 months earlier. It was as she had seen in her vision. When Glyn had come off the M53 Motorway onto the slipway that leads to the Clatterbridge Roundabout it came into his mind about the possibility of a car coming from his right at a speed too fast to stop, so he proceeded with caution. When he got part way around the roundabout, that is exactly what happened. He could see behind him in his mirror a car travelling at such a speed that unless he took evasive action it would result in a serious accident, so instead of continuing around the roundabout he went down the slip road back on to the M53 Motorway instead. This saved him from a serious accident because the car sped past him at a fast speed and crashed into the fence on the same slip road, narrowly missing him.

Jan believes that this was further evidence of God's protection and that he had prompted her to cry out to him 6 months earlier to protect her husband from serious injury on that day.