The account in 1 Sam. 14 is a wonderful example of the great exploits that can be achieved through people of God stepping out in faith, as we read in this chapter. In 1 Sam. 13:5 we read of the awesome size of the Philistine army i.e. 30,000 chariots, 6000 horsemen, and troops like the sand of the seashore in multitude, but here we have this man of faith taking on this powerful army single handedly, and a great victory being wrought. But let us not forget his armour bearer, because his part was also vitally important. Hear what he says to Jonathan, "behold I am as you are. As is your mind, so is mine." He was clearly of one mind and heart with his leader, and this is the sort of accord and unity that is a powerful weapon in the hands of God. The early church was of "one heart and soul" and we read in Acts 4 of the great exploits that were achieved by them. The army of Gideon was "as one," there was no discord or differences of opinion, but a oneness of purpose in their conquest of the Midianite army. Such an army or team can be an awesome weapon in the hands of God, and almost nothing will be impossible to them. We do need men and women of faith like Gideon and Jonathan to arise in our generation, but we also need the "armour bearers" who will stand with them and support them in their venture of faith. Such people who though they are not leaders, will nevertheless: -

  1. Stand in faith with those who are.
  2. Be of one heart and mind with them.
  3. Take risks for God.
  4. Be unconcerned about personal recognition (Jonathanís armour bearer wasnít named).
  5. Be totally focused on the goal set before them.

The role of Jonathanís armour bearer was a key element in the victory achieved over the Philistine army. Though it was Jonathan who was the initiator of the faith that brought about the victory, his armour bearer nevertheless also put his life at risk by stepping out in faith with him and moving directly into the enemyís territory. He had no thought for his own safety as he went into a situation of great danger, but his focus was of being of one heart and mind with his leader, and on the ultimate victory over the enemy. We do not know his name, but he was known to God. Though he was only a young man, yet his qualities of courage, submission, and faithfulness were a powerful force in the situation, and without him it is unlikely that the victory would have been secured.

At the Edward Jeffreyís crusades the wonderful move of God came about through the ministry and faith of this man of God, but the role of his two young assistants was also of great importance, and the success of the crusades could not have been achieved without them. They came with him as part of his team and stood in faith with him believing God to move in Liverpool, otherwise Iím sure that they would not have been there.

We do need people like Jonathan and Gideon and Edward Jeffreys in these days but we also need the "armour bearers." Such people of faith who are of like mind and heart with them, who will take risks for God and be totally focused with their leaders on the mission to which God has called them. Such people who will not seek to be in the limelight or be concerned for personal recognition, but who will work in the background and quietly get on with the work of the kingdom of God to which they have been called.