Debbie Edwards

                      Visited by an angel - a life changing experience

I have known Debbie for many years and remember her sharing this experience with me shortly after it happened, although she has told me that she hasn't shared it with a lot of people. She lives with her husband in the Wirral. For personal reasons Debbie has asked me to change her surname.

Here is an account of when God was very gracious to me. To this day I am amazed that I was chosen to be visited by an angel.

I was woken in the early hours by an awareness that someone was standing at the bedside. Surprisingly, although generally a nervous person, I was not in the least bit afraid. There seemed to be a calmness with this person.

My first impression was the height and stature, also the fact that it was impossible to tell if this person was male or female.

The angel, as I am convinced he was, was so tall that he could not stand upright but had his head bent forward slightly to fit under the ceiling.

He had very broad shoulders and a thick muscled neck. His face was masculine and muscular, but the mouth was very small and dainty.

The hair was the colour of sand, about shoulder length. There was a round edged gold band showing going around his forehead and into his hair, looking like it kept the hair out of his eyes.

My first irrational thought was ''This must be why angels are always portrayed as having a halo!'

The garment was an unearthly fabric, again the colour of sand, but appeared almost liquid in its movement, like a very fine silk. This came down like a long robe from the shoulders, with a matching round edged gold band around the waist.

I was fascinated by the thick muscular structures coming from the top of the shoulder/ neck junction. These were about 2 inches thick, and seemed to start at the back of the neck and curve upwards then down. They were covered in what appeared to be fish scales, which glistened slightly. These had dirt and dust stuck along the ridges, which resembled the pattern of feathers. I remember thinking 'He has had to fly through some mucky places to get here'

As he stood there with hands held forward, palms uppermost, he communicated without speaking, so I was knowing in my mind,'' Only Jesus, only Jesus''

This all happened so quickly, but as with many things it felt in slow motion. As I woke my husband, the angel disappeared.

Two days later, I was taken very ill and had a respiratory arrest due to asthma.

I remembered 'Only Jesus' and knew a great peace without fear. In that near death span of time in the ambulance, I knew I was about to meet Him, but asked if He would allow me to stay because I didn't want my husband and two young sons to be greeted at the hospital by the worst news

I remember distinctly then taking a deep breath which caused the paramedics to swear and tell me not to do that again!

I was greeted at A and E by my anxious husband and sons, where I was admitted to hospital, and made a full recovery.

God is so very good, always. I am humbled by the experience and realise that God cares for each of us, even if we do not consider ourselves to be in the Christian elite.