A TESTIMONY by Nell Hawkins

 She was just twelve; and she was sad;

Her mum was gravely ill;

And she muttered as she walked along: -

"She MUST get well... ..she WILL!

Then, overwhelmed by sudden thoughts,

She closed her tearful eyes

And prayed:-"I couldn't bear it Lord,

If my dear mummy dies".

She stopped...and then..."Dear Lord", she said,

"I make this vow today: -

I promise, if You heal my mum,

I'll serve You every day".

The tears were gone; her eyes were bright

And I need hardly tell: -

God honoured the faith of that twelve-year-old

And made her mummy well! ..

The child was overjoyed and said.....

"That's just because I prayed".

The years went by, but she forgot

The vow that she had made.

At eighteen, she was "pleasure-mad",

Yes, life was just a whirl

Of parties and of dances,

To this pleasure-loving girl.

Then, just when she thought life was great

And she was having fun,

She heard that in a Tent Campaign,

A Revival had begun!

She was told that wonderful things

Were happening on that Field: -

Drunkards being converted

And sick folk being healed.

At first, she ridiculed these tales

And said they were romancing,

Then turned a deaf ear on them all....

And went on with her dancing.

But God was working out His plans

And you must surely see

That when the Spirit starts to work,

It leads to Victory!

A friend with whom she used to work

Gave many invitations;

But no! She wouldn't go along.....

She feared the implications!

For she had heard (quite wrongly so!)

A very silly rumour: -

That Christian folks were dull and staid

And had no sense of humour!

But one lovely summer evening,

In nineteen thirty-four,

She found herself in serious mood,

Outside the Marquee door!

As she walked across the field,

She'd been conscious of the power

With which the crowds were singing:-

"I need Thee every hour".

The promise she had made to God,


Had grown so faint and dim;

But now, her heart had softened

And she felt her need of Him.

That night, she gave her life to Christ

And claimed a full salvation;

Her outlook was so different now;

Oh, what a transformation!

Her attitudes to life were changed;

Wrong ones soon passed away;

Her desires were on a different plane

As she began to pray.

She knew her soul was truly saved,

Since trusting in His blood

And that her sins were buried now,

Deep in the crimson flood.

Whene’er young people, full of life,

With Christ come face to face

And finally accept Him

It's a miracle of grace!

She daily proved this tender grace

And felt His guiding Hand;

She revelled in this brand-new life

And everything seemed grand.

But the Christian life is a battle;

As yet, she didn't know;

For she'd discovered "mountain-tops",

But not the "valleys" low.

Although she was rejoicing

In the lovely Gospel Story,

There was the CROSS before the CROWN,

The GRIEF beside the GLORY.

Many years have passed since then

And right throughout the years,

There have been many anxious days,

There have been many tears.

But during trials, what a joy,

Her heart with Christ's to blend!

In sickness He has been her all,

In death, her Greatest Friend.

Yes, with a heart just filled with praise,

Through trials and through strife,

She testifies that though it's hard,

It's the way that leads to life!

She prays that she'll be faithful

And daily seek God's face;

She longs to win lost souls to Him,

The sinner saved by grace.

At times, she's almost gone astray,

Then.. .claimed His "keeping-power".

And always, He has clasped her hand

And kept her hour by hour.

My Story's finished now, but oh.....

I almost forgot to tell.....

Perhaps you've guessed? That sinner was

And is YOURS TRULY... ...NELL!