Six weeks to live: but I rose from my bath-chair and walked home  -  A testimony given by Phyllis Rimmer in 1960

When I was five years of age I suffered from rheumatism and chorea, which left me with a valvular heart disease. I had very little schooling and never played as other children, for most of my time was spent in hospital. When I was 13 years of age I had been in a bath-chair for over three years and my condition deteriorated so much that the specialist informed my mother that I would not live to see my 14th birthday. Praise God, however, that manís extremity is Godís opportunity.

I was not aware that my days were numbered, although I did notice that everybody seemed more than anxious to please me and gave me everything I asked for, and I came to the conclusion that I was not going to get better.

It was in July 1934 that Pastor Jeffreys pitched his large tent in Lister Drive and my mother asked me if I would like to go. I said "No" at first as my feet were so swollen and I could not get my shoes on. After some persuasion, however, I agreed to go, my mother wheeling me in my chair for the whole of the 25-minute journey to the tent.

After Pastor Jeffreys gave his address, he asked those who wished to accept Christ as their Saviour to raise their hands. I raised my hand and heart to God and took Jesus as my Saviour and from that blest day he has been a faithful friend, helping me through many trials. Later on in the service Pastor Jeffreys came down to the people in bath-chairs and asked me if I believed that Jesus could heal me. I said "Yes" and he prayed for me. Immediately I found I could slip my feet into my shoes. I got up and walked on to the platform praising God for his goodness. I walked all the way home, pushing my bath-chair.

My doctor was amazed and even today the doctors who know my case sheet marvel that I am so well, after having had such a "rotten heart."

I have lived and worked normally since that day and constantly rejoice when I think of what God did for me twenty five years ago and what He has meant to me down the years.

                                        I have already come,

                                        ĎTis grace hath brought me safe thus far

                                         And grace will lead me home.