Sarah Spackman

                 Sarah Spackman

Sarah Spackman has experienced God's healing power on a number of occasions in her life, most notably in 1962 when God wonderfully healed her of cancer. She had been given only 3 months to live but that with surgery she would be able to extend that to as much as 2 years. Her wonderful testimony of healing is written in a book entitled 'Sarah's Story'. Sarah's latest testimony of healing has been written in a tract form and she has given me permission to reprint this, which is given as follows:

" Since the book 'Sarah's Story' was written, many friends have asked me, 'Why don't you write a sequel on the last twenty years of so?'

Well, I feel a tract is sufficient. I could recall to you many more miracles of His Abundant Grace. The latest act of Mercy needs to be told.

I had booked a flight to the USA for the 29th December 2004 and I said to the Lord, 'I need a fresh testimony to take with me.' He gave me one…..

Tuesday 14th December 2004

Just before my 82nd birthday, I was staying at my daughter's house. Quite unexpectedly I had a heart failure. I thought I was going home to Glory; I cried out to my God, 'My children are not ready for this!!' My son-in-law quickly called my daughter at her work. Christine was home within five minutes. After taking one look at me, she called an ambulance. The Paramedics advised me to get straight to hospital.

On arrival at the hospital, I was surprised that there was no wait, but I was tended to immediately. I was put on the heart monitor and once the reading came through it showed an abnormal heartbeat, and extremely low oxygen count, and deficiency in potassium. It was decided that I had to be moved to the resuscitation unit - the Doctors anticipated a massive heart attack.

By this time, all I felt was a deep peace and no pain at all. The staff couldn't believe this as the monitors were telling a different story! They kept telling me to 'Tell the Truth!' All I felt was comfort and peace.

I had a doctor in attendance with me the whole time, who repeatedly asked me if there was any pain or if I was at all numb! I told the Doctor that the only numbness I had felt was from sitting on the trolley for two hours! Confused as to how this could be, he decided to question me about my medical history.

I listed everything. I began with my experience of cancer in 1961. You will remember I had been given only three months to live. The Lord wonderfully healed me! The hospital would only say that the cancer was 'in remission' until two years later. I had developed bad gallstone trouble. The gall overflowed and I had yellow jaundice. I had to have quite a lot of tests and x-rays for over a week. In the meantime, the Lord healed me once again of the gallstones and the jaundice disappeared. When I returned to the hospital, to the amazement of the doctors, they told me that through the test results, they found no trace of cancer in my body! But, my gall bladder was completely diseased and full of stones and they wanted to operate that very week. I knew, however, that God had healed me and I refused surgery!!

After hearing this, the Doctor couldn't believe I hadn't had an operation!

He said, 'What do you account for all this?'

I answered, 'I have a very good friend!'

'Male of female?' he asked.

I spelt out, 'J.E.S.U.S.'

The Doctor said, 'Ah! Jesus!'

A couple of hours later, they removed me from the resuscitation unit to a ward, still monitoring me through the night.

At eight o'clock in the morning, somebody came and took my E.C.G. From this point, I could hear my name mentioned in the corridor, but couldn't make out what all the fuss was about.

Another doctor who I had not seen before, came in and asked, 'Are you Sarah?' When I said yes, he shook my hand and went back out!!

I still felt good!

At eleven o'clock, a consultant came to see me. He was VERY excited! He held up the E.C.G. from that morning and said, 'Look at this! This is amazing!!' I said, 'I can't read it! What does it say?' He said, 'It says you have the heartbeat of a woman of thirty! It's amazing! Amazing!' 'Now look at this one', he said as he held up the E.C.G. from the night before. 'Totally abnormal!!' He pointed to another and said, 'Not enough heartbeats!…completely abnormal!! You were going to be in hospital for a little while, but I say you can go home this morning on the minimum of medication. Just one 75mg aspirin tablet per day!'

I just answered, 'He's done it again!'

And now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, Be Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power, both now and forever, amen.' (Jude v24,25)