Trevor Harris

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                                     A test of obedience

I heard of the following testimony at Charles Thompson Mission in Birkenhead when Pastor Rob Jeffs was preaching in 2010. I subsequently met Rob at the Mission the following February to further check on the details of this incident, so have given what has been told to me as follows. Unfortunately with this incident being so long ago not all the details relating to this testimony are known, or ascertainable:

Trevor Harris worked for some time with the Open Air Mission in Liverpool, and lived in one of the roads off Town Lane in Bebington. One afternoon, when it was raining very hard he decided to go to the shops at the top of Town Lane to do some shopping. When he got to the end of his road, which was opposite Bebington Cemetery, he felt the Lord saying to him that he should preach the Gospel. As it was raining so hard he really couldn't make any sense of what he felt the Lord was saying to him, since there was nobody around and he questioned what the Lord was asking him to do. But the inner voice within him didn't go away so in obedience to the Lord he stood on the corner of the road and preached the Gospel, and then committed it to the Lord. He then went on and did his shopping and thought no more about the matter. About two weeks later he attended a local church, possibly to speak, and after the meeting a young man came up to him and asked him if he had been preaching the Gospel two weeks earlier on the corner of Town Lane near the Cemetery. He replied that he had done so, so the young man then proceeded to tell him his story. On that afternoon, he had been sheltering under the trees in the Cemetery because of the heavy rain. Rob thinks that he had possibly been taking a short cut from the Bebington Oval Sports Ground nearby. Because of the high wall on the perimeter of the Cemetery Trevor would not have been able to see him. When the young man heard Trevor give the Gospel appeal he was convicted of sin and committed his life to Christ that afternoon. He then found a local church to attend and told them what had happened. They apparently guessed from what he had told them that the only person that it could have been was Trevor Harris. The young man, therefore, came to Trevor after that meeting and shared with him that as a result of him preaching the Gospel that afternoon he had been saved and committed his life to Christ, no doubt encouraging Trevor greatly.

I hope that this testimony is an encouragement to each one of us that when God asks us to do something that doesn't seem to make any sense, that we should just trust Him and not seek to lean on our own understanding, as Trevor Harris did that afternoon (Proverbs 3:5).