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            The unusual family

The following testimony has been given to me by Richard Woods, the pastor of Waterside Church in Everton, which is the church that  Dorothy and I attend. He cannot remember the exact date when it happened but says that it was about 8/9 years ago.

The Scriptures say in Romans 15:5 that God is the God of steadfastness and encouragement and sometime around 2002/3 the congregation at Waterside Church in Everton had been praying specifically that God would encourage them at that time. The way that he answered that prayer was to do something very unusual which brought to them a blessing and encouragement that would remain with them for sometime.

At this time, on a Sunday morning a most unusual sight greeted the members of the church. It was of a large family coming from Breck Road into the car park and towards the door of the church building. What was unusual was that the family was walking in a single line behind each other. When they came into the church the man and woman introduced themselves and each of their 8 children, all of them having Biblical names. Richard said that the family was unlike anything he had ever seen before, and finds it difficult to describe what he encountered that day. He said that everything about them was so pure and holy and that there was a look of total innocence in each of the children's faces. A row of chairs was put out in the church so that he family could be together during the meeting. They didn't say very much and during the meeting the children were wonderfully behaved, so much so that you wouldn't have known that they were there.

The family left shortly after the meeting had finished and proceeded again in a single file out through the car park and then turned right into Breck Road and continued walking in a single file. Their presence in the meeting had left a wonderful sense of God's presence in the church and they all knew that something very special had happened to them that day, and they all felt encouraged and refreshed.

The congregation at Waterside Church believe that God had sent his angels to them that Sunday morning in order to specifically encourage them in answer to their prayers and this is something that they still talk about today.