By John Williams

The following testimony was sent to Edward Jeffreys by John Williams (mentioned elsewhere), in August 1934

I have suffered for years with a very bad heart – "Myocarditis," the doctors called it. I have been in hospital twice under the best heart-specialists this city has, but although they did their utmost, in my case it was no use. Then they told me it had turned to the very worst of heart affections, namely "Angina Pectoris." Last December I had seven x-ray plates taken at the Stanley Hospital, and was told they couldn’t do anything for me. In January I had 14 heart attacks in one night, and was not expected to live very long, because of the internal bleeding. Nothing my doctor gave me could stop that. In fact he ceased giving me any medicine, saying it was only harming other organs of the body. But hearing of your campaign I went out of curiosity and was immediately convinced of the wonderful message you were broadcasting to one and all – Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever. On July 5th I was prayed for my Pastor Jeffreys at the Bootle tent, and immediately all pain left me, the bleeding valve that had been leaking for 18 months stopped bleeding, and I have never seen any blood since. The flow of blood, however, had caused my stomach to be bad, which in my great pain I never mentioned. So again on August 10th I was prayed for by Pastor Hulbert at Bootle, and now thanks all be to my wonderful Lord Jesus Christ, I believe I am completely healed. I will never cease to praise Him. I must tell you that before I asked to be healed I stood and accepted Him as my Saviour. My doctor is quite puzzled. I am in the congregation if you wish me to come on the platform, and if you like you can make any use of this testimony. I will never tire of testifying to all I come in contact with, of how wonderful it feels to belong to Christ’s army.