The work today

               Bernie Frost (at the rear)

This year the Mission is in it's 120th year of ministry. Though the work is very different from what it was in the early days, it still meets a great need today.

After Rob Jeff's retirement in 2010 the Mission ceased to act as a "church," as Bernie Frost, his successor didn't feel called to pastor the work. Nevertheless a number of services are held each week, such as the Gospel Services on Sunday afternoon at 3.00pm and Wednesday at 11.45am. On Tuesday there is also a Nurture Group for new converts and people on the fringe, which is taken by Rob Jeffs and Peter McGrath from St Paul's Road Mission.

The work of the Mission continues to operate on a daily basis from Monday to Friday 9am - 1pm. They get approximately 80 people attending for a hot meal. The food comes mainly from donations from churches and schools, mostly tinned and packet food, but also from ladies groups and individuals. Marks and Spencers and Roberts Bakers also provide such things as bread and cakes. The Mission also helps a number of other people needing help with a wide variety of problems, such as the provision of medical care throughout the week. The demand for clothes is as high as ever, and the Mission sometimes helps out with furniture as well as giving out such things as pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, bedding, towels, toiletries, curtains etc. and even has a kitchen sink in stock for anybody that needs it. In the summer a free holiday is provided for those children who regularly attend the Mission.

The Mission has been blessed with a great team of volunteers who give of their time for the work of the Mission, ministering to those less fortunate than themselves, all with different gifts and abilities whether practical or spiritual, which are all a necessary part of what God is doing there. Among the team of workers are John Pemberton, pastor of Egan Road Church, Birkenhead, Peter McGrath from St Paul's Road Mission Rock Ferry, and Debbie Withers the daughter of Rob & Joyce Jeffs.

Although the work of Charles Thompson Mission has been part of the work of the Liverpool City Mission since 1965 it has maintained its financial independence. Liverpool City Mission is a registered charity and company, and as such acts as a trustee for the work of the Mission. The current Mission Director is Rob Watson.

Bernie Frost, who took over as Superintendent in 2010 is married to Lisa who takes an active part in the work of the Mission, and they have six children.