A testimony given by Robert Ynys-Thomas in the Bethel Messenger in July 1934.


                                                                                                            Rev Robert Ynys-Thomas

It is with the greatest pleasure that I, Robert Ynys-Thomas, of 15, Merton Grove, Bootle, now testify to the saving and divine healing power of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I have had no sight in my left eye for 24 years

In 1910, I went to see Dr Evans, of Wrexham, and while in his surgery, the doctor asked to see my left eye; after his examination of the eye he asked me if I would go to see Dr Ross Wood, of Shrewsbury, who was a good and clever eye specialist, and who had recently operated successfully on a baronet in the Wrexham district. I said that I would go and see any specialist of the eyes.

The specialist said to me, "My dear man, you are blind in the left eye." The right eye had not given me any trouble up to then, but the doctor added, "be prepared to lose the sight of the right eye as well. You can preserve it if you will wear glasses." Although I did not care for glasses I took his advice, but the sight in the right eye grew weaker until I became nearly blind in that eye as well.

I had seen several eye specialists during that period, but nothing could be done for me, yet I feel certain that all these specialists and doctors did their best for me and they have treated me kindly. But the sight in my right eye also was going weaker, until it was difficult for me to read with eyeglasses and magnifying glasses.

However, I saw on a poster that Pastor Edward Jeffreys was holding a Mission and Divine Healing Services in Bootle, so I went to the services.

On Tuesday afternoon, May 27th 1934, I started to go on the platform, but I could not; nearly everything in the world of mind came to hinder me, such as "Why should you go on the platform?

Let God come and give you your sight in your own church or in your home, etc."

Going out of the services, I spoke to Pastor Jeffreys, and he said, "Come tonight and I will pray for you."

I went to the evening service, and when others were receiving the blessings through being Divinely healed in the name of Jesus, I wanted and tried to go with them, but pride, and self-will came in my way. I believed that Jesus still answers prayer, and that He would answer my prayer, and help me to submit to His will. This He did, and I went on the platform. Pastor Jeffreys prayed for me and praise God, in the name of Jesus I received the sight in the left eye after 24 years of blindness, and the right eye has been strengthened, as I can now see to read without glasses. And now my ambition is to serve the Lord wholly in spirit and in truth for He answers prayer if we believe and have faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. "If ye shall ask anything in my Name, I will do it." My only desire is that my Saviour will assist me to consecrate my life to His service.